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Setting Up Development on WSL (or just Linux)

alt image Setting up my development on WSL on Windows 10. If you’re just using Linux, you can still follow along, except the installing of WSL part.

Install Ubuntu WSL

This guide uses the Ubuntu flavor. I haven’t tried the others so I’m not sure if the process here can just be copied.

Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux from Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off

enable wsl

Get it from the store

get ubuntu

Read more here

Copy and Pasting


This is off on init on my case.


Some characters don’t work right out of the box. I suggest on using DejaVu Sans Mono for Powerline.

You can get it from here along with other fonts

wsl font


Install Git

Read more here

Set your indentity

A better git log

Use it by running git lg

Colors: normal, black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white

Attributes: bold, dim, ul, blink, reverse

Read more here

Configure GIT to push on current branch

When doing push there will be no need to specify to which branch. Just run git push origin and it will push to the current branch. This will prevent accidental push to the wrong branch.

Read more here


hub is a superset of git just like how typescript is a superset of javascript.

With hub you can do a pull request without opening the github page by

assuming you didn’t alias hub to git.

Read more here

Generate SSH Keys and Copy to Clipboard

If you want to get the fingerprint of the one on your machine for comparison

Read more here

ZSH Shell

Install ZSH

Read more here

Oh my ZSH

Read more here

Auto suggest

Read more here

Using plugins in ZSH

Enjoy ZSH

Install Node

nvm way (no sudo)

Read more here

Normal Way (will require sudo)

Read more here

Reinstall Node

Read more here


If you want to write a blog using jekyll

Install ruby stuff

Gem installation directory on user account

Install jekyll

Install bundle

Serve your Jekyll app


Install tmux

Read more here

tmux config

Create a tmux configuration file

Copy the following configuration and paste inside the .tmux.conf

Apply modifications

Start tmux automatically Add the following line on top of .zshrc

Enjoy tmux

tmux resurrect

tmux key combinations

If you copied the configuration above, below will apply

Name Command(s)
Split Horizontally Ctrl+a %
Split Vertically Ctrl+a "
Close a pane Ctrl+a x
Copy a text selection Shift + Highlight the text + Ctrl+c
Paste a text Shift + Right Click
Save layout for tmux-ressurect Ctrl+a, Ctrl+s
Load layout for tmux-resurrect Ctrl+a, Ctrl+r

Ctrl+a is called a prefix. You execute it first then followed by the character. The split horizontally command equates to Ctrl+a > Shift+5.

Read more here and here

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