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Hi! | Devlin Pajaron


I’m Devlin Pajaron. A JavaScript Developer from the Philippines.

Why JavaScript?

AngularJS is what really got me into it. Because it looked cool - changing routes without the page refreshing.

But if we’re just to talk about the fundamentals of JavaScript itself, I’ve just read the Chapter 1 of You Don’t Know JS. Still a lot to read and learn.

Nonetheless, I’ve been learning JS Frameworks along the way such as React and Vue.js, haven’t started with Angular 4 though. And next goal is mobile development: React Native for React and Ionic for Angular.

Me in the industry

Work background

I’m currently an AngularJS Developer at AsiaInspection, my first company since graduating last April 2016.

Any works to show?

I’m still on my first company with no other gigs, not really that much to show.

My resume would be a good start. My works are also listed there.

Get in touch

If you have any gigs or opportunities, you can contact me through [email protected] or my skype at live:devlinpajaron.

About this blog

My reason for starting something like this is to share some of my insights or maybe even snippets that helped me along the way, which may also help others.

Some goals:

  • Integrate Disqus
  • Publish my JavaScript Development environment on Windows using WSL

This blog is written with jekyll using VS Code in Windows.

JavaScript Development in Windows using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)